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Keep your search simple
For example, start your search by entering just the author surname and one word from the title and click on 'Search'. If this results in too many matches, refine your search as below.
Some easy refinements to narrow your search
1. Check one (or more) of the Hardback/Dust Jacket boxes
2. If known, add a word from the Publisher's name in the Published field
When you find the book you want
1. Click on the bookseller name to see their terms and conditions of sale
2. If you need further information, click on the 'Enquire' button
3. If you would like to order (before someone else does), click on the 'Add To Cart' button
4. To continue searching/browsing for more books click on 'Minimise' or 'Close'
    (you can return to the Cart at any time by clicking on 'View Cart) or
5. Click on 'Order' and follow the simple online purchasing procedure
For more detailed information see Advanced Search Help






Advanced Search Help
The search uses initial strings: "Heming" will find "Hemingway" (but not "Hemmingway" - booksellers also make spelling errors!), "H G Wells" will find "Wells, Herbert George".
Accented characters are searched intelligently: "Eglise" will find L'glise", "Buecher" will find "B|cher" and vice versa, but "Bucher" will not find "B|cher".
The following list explains the characteristics and/or provides tips on searching particular fields:
if the author's surname is a common one, you should specify one or more initials in addition. If you are uncertain of the spelling or the name is very long, you can search using the initial part of the name: "Dost" will find "Dostoyevsky", "Dostoevskii" etc.
if you are uncertain of the precise title, specify only the part of which you are sure. A few words are usually sufficient: "war worlds" will find "The war of the worlds".
publisher and place published details, as well as year of publication, may be specified in this field. Booksellers and publishers themselves over a period of years can be very inconsistent in the formulation of a publishing house name. Minimise your search words.
use four digit numbers for years. Left field populated, right field blank yields all dates from the year specified to the present. Right field populated, left field blank, yields all dates up to the specified year. Two fields populated - books printed between these years, inclusive, will be displayed. For books published in a single year, either enter the year in both fields or enter it in the Published field.
Any word(s) or ISBN:
a book will be returned as a match if the word or words in the Any word(s) field occur anywhere in the book entry. The ISBN search calls for 10 digits or 9 digits plus X. Spaces and hyphens are ignored.
Additional criteria:
note that many booksellers do not specify these criteria for every book so that, for example, many books with dust jackets will not be returned when "Dust Jacket" is selected.
select this criterion to return only books specified to be hardbacked by the booksellers. The unselected, default option returns all bindings including those unspecified by the bookseller.
First Edition:
select this criterion to return all books specified by the booksellers to be first editions. However, read the book description carefully to determine the precise "first edition" being referred to.
read the booksellers' descriptions of the nature of the inscription. This can range from signed by the previous owner to detailed annotations by the author.
Dust Jacket:
select this criterion to return all books specified by the booksellers to possess a dust jacket.
Drop down Pick-lists:
the five drop down pick lists are mostly self-explanatory. These are not reset to default when the Clear button is clicked. "Sort by relevance" is a weighted sort balancing the number of times a criterion occurs against the length of the field contents in which it occurs.